Muscle Maximizer Fitness Program

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You see, I grew up very skinny. I was long and lanky.

I was always very self conscious of my body, especially of my spaghetti arms. No tank tops for this guy. EVER. 

I could not put on muscle for the life of me. I blew tons of my money on the newest fad muscle building supplement to hit the market and when it didn't work, I'd double the dose, and when that didn't work id jump on the next one to come out.

 I tried every single weight training routine there was. To break through my plateau I tried drop sets, super sets, rest-pause, negatives, you name it! When none of it worked, I figured it was my fault for not pushing hard enough. So, I became the guy in the gym with terrible form using WAY too much weight just trying to force my body to gain muscle.

I always saw the bigger, leaner, more muscular guys getting all of the girls, while I was killing myself in the gym just trying to build the kind of body that didn't go completely unnoticed. I just wanted to be able to go to the beach, wear a tank top, or even throw on a t-shirt and actually look like I worked out. I HATED looking weak and I hated no one noticing that I worked out AT ALL.

I blamed my genetics and began to believe having muscular physique wasn't in the cards for me.

Can you relate to any of this? Well don't worry, I've SO been there but hang on for the good news.

Well everything changed in my second year of university down in Charleston, South Carolina when I met a successful, "big name" fitness model in the industry at the time.

He was visiting my college roommate that he grew up with. When this guy walked by, the girls heads turned with attraction and guys' heads turned with envy. We all went out to the bar his first night in town, and girls were like bees to honey to this guy. They were touching his arms, buying him drinks and they were just throwing themselves at him because they were so attracted to his physique. He had his choice of any girl in that place. I distinctly remember I would have given almost anything to be in his shoes.

Before we all hit the gym the second day, I asked him what supplements he takes because what I was taking obviously wasn't working. He laughed and said "none man". I thought he was joking. He pointed to his body and said "No man, it's all in the diet." I was absolutely floored, and kind of mad at the same time.

I mean the guy was posing in fitness magazines getting paid constantly to endorse supplements.

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